Thursday, July 28, 2011

Refunds on Ariline Ticket Tax

This may be the one good thing coming out of the current U.S. budget crisis. On July 23rd the federal excise tax on airline tickets expired and needs to be repassed with the rest of the budget. Therefore purchasers of tickets for travel on or after July 23rd may be entitled to a refund on taxes collected, and the IRS has asked airlines to start refunding.

United Continental Holdings is telling people to call the IRS and ask the agency to give them their refund (way to pass the buck on to the next guy United. Not cool.) Southwest airlines is doing the same. Jetblue on the other hand is encouraging those travelling within the next seven days to email in for their refund. People travelling after seven days should stay tuned for further updates.

For updates from the IRS check HERE


abel said...

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