Thursday, July 14, 2011

Best NYC Thrift Shops

I love a good thrift store. But sometimes finding anything usable amid the mass of irreparably broken, ripped, scribbled and stained items can seem daunting. The trick is finding a thrift store that does the sifting for you, and still ofeers a good price.

Every thrift store has it's own personality and style. Some are run by large non profits, others are run by people who love to peruse estate and yard sales, hand picking items to resell. While a thrift store may have a lackluster selection of jewelry it may have a great selection of shoes, or dresses or furs etc. Getting to know your local thrift stores streamlines the shopping process. Letting the local owners know you can help you snag a great deal before it goes on the shelves. For instance if you would like a mink fur in a size 4, you might want to leave your name with the propietess of an upper east side thrift store. She'll call you when ti comes in.

Pricing also varies based on your location. Manhattan thrift stores employ professional pricers. So while you can get a deal, you are not gong to get a Vera Wang wedding gown for $20. They know what they have and are not going to just give it away. In the outer boroughs that line is sometimes blurred. Stores also often have speciale events when prices drop as they clear inventory. Join the store email list to find out when these will happen.

Since I live in NY I thought I'd share some gems that I have found with you. Please feel free to type in your own recommendations for shops in your area!

Upper East Side:
Thriffany - 1439 First Avenue. This store has your usual areas with clothes and brick-a-brack but they truly excell in the furniture department. I have seen gorgeous pieces here for reasonable prices. When I get a house I am furnishing it from Thriffany.

Housing Works Upper East Side - 202 East 77th street. This is one of many Housing Works branches. I have been most happy with the furniture, book and household item sections. Once I got a brand new cherry wood cutting board with silver inlay and matching knife, in original packaging for 8$. They have events like 1$ book day so sign up for the email list.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Thrift Shop - 1440 Third Avenue. This is a posh store. Their pricer tends to go towards the higher end of the pricing scale. Therefore I find them best on shoes and jewelry.

Cancer Care and Spence Chapin- 1480 Third Avenue and 1850 Second Avenue. I consider these two a pair. They have a lovely section of evening gowns. We are talking major glitz and sparkle. They also get in the occasional fur. The clothing racks can yield good finds but you need to be willing to sift.

The Coterie - 1387 6th ave (between 56 and 57th streets). OK, they are not actually a thrift store but I can't help but mention them. The selection of dresses and evening gowns in this place is great. The price isn't bad either. Each dress is one of a kind and the staff is super helpful.

Pippin - 112 West 17th Street. This cute little shop has vintage jewelry and hats. Do not be fooled by the limited counter space. There are drawers and drawers for you to pull out and admire.

Angel Street - 118 West 17th street. This is a nice looking place with plenty of designer items on the racks.

City Opera - 222 East 23rd. This is a shop with great clothes, dramatic hats and accessories and great prices. It has two levels and has been featured in high end fashion magazines.


Rewind - 335 Ave. U This store has a mix of sophisticated and trendy. They hip clothes and accessories like handbags.


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