Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Habbit - Great Deals PLUS 25$ Free

Amazon has opened a new website called My Habit. This site features designer goods in Women's, Men's and Children's fashions for steep discounts. I have even seen 586$ shoes sell for 10$ on this site. However, getting the most from this website requires some effort.

My Habit updates it's "collections" daily and items that are the best deals - think 10$ items, or very popular items - think handbags, sell out within minutes if not seconds. The updating is done every day at 9 PST or if you live where I live 12 noon EST. A little before noon I log onto the website and begin refreshing the page. The minute the new collections appear you must click on them and scroll as quickly as you can. If something catches your eye put it in your cart immediately. A second of hesitation can cost you the item as others will snatch it up while you deliberate. Once the item is in your cart you have 9 minutes to check out. Plenty of time to shop a little more, do your deliberation and remove unwanted items from the cart. The point is to reserve the item as quickly as you can by placing it in your cart. Decide later.

For a limited time, until August 1, you can get 25$ off your purchase when you enter the code SUMMER25 at checkout. Shipping is free so some items become completely free! This will work once per account. Note that My Habit is owned by amazon and therefore remembers amazon accounts associated with your email address. Therefore, you can use your amazon credit. You will also be able to use any shipping and billing addresses that you have saved in amazon automatically.


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