Friday, July 29, 2011

Frugal Food - Iced Tea

We are big tea drinkers in my house. And I somehow always manage to get some new interesting free tea samples every few months.  But I am always looking out for sales on the teas we particularly enjoy or count on to settle our stomachs and cure our ailments. We get every last drop out of our tea bags - we are not a one use and dump family.

I have a special spoon rest that I place a used tea bag on for reuse. Once we have finished with a bag, it dries out and I place it in a large ziplock with all the other "used" tea bags. Now that the warm weather is upon us it is time to reveal the secret purpose of my dried tea bag stash - Iced tea! While these tea bags may individually be too weak to brew a proper cup, a handful of them thrown into a pitcher of boiling water with a little sugar makes a great batch of iced tea. Simply let it cool and put it in the fridge. A little sprig of mint from my windowsill garden and we are on our way to a refreshing summer drink.

Each batch has a subtlety different flavor because the bags are from the various teas we have had over the months. Some herbal, some citrus etc. But it always tasted great!

Make sure to fully dry the tea bags before storing. Moisture will kill them.


Penniless Parenting said...

I'm not someone that grosses out easily, as you can tell by the things I post, but used tea bags are one of those things that kinda gross me out unless I am reusing them within 5 minutes of making the previous batch. What can I say- I'm weird!

Harleth said...

My European grandmother would laugh at you. She got a good twenty cups from one bag.

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