Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free Prints + 1 cent Photos

Clark Color is offering 40 free prints plus 50, 4 x 6 prints for 1 cent each. That means you can get 90 prints for 50 cents plus shipping. Use code 11PENNY at checkout.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Kitchen Aid 600 Quart Mixer for $186!

This is a great deal on a mixer that works really well for challah, breads, pastries etc.. This is the mixer I personally use for challah, pasta and other doughs. It's also the mixer seen in most restaurants and on cooking/baking TV shows because it lasts for a long time.

Amazon has the KitchenAid KP26M1PGC Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer, Cinnamon Gloss for $259.99. There is a $50 rebate offer for any mixer purchased on or by 11/28. The forms are right on the amazon page. Must be postmarked 12/31/12. Plus if you decline the free magazine offer on the rebate form you get another $24. This is a real bargain! These mixers last forever.

Why I Sat Out Black Friday

I never go to Black Friday in store. I feel it is not worth risking my life by trampling or pepper spray. However I do sometimes go out when it the craziness has passed, or I'll check out the online deals. This year I got home from my sister in laws wedding at 2:30 am on Wednesday. I blissfully slept through most of Thursday and was happy to spend Friday relaxing with family. None of the deals looked that great to me (particularly on baby items) and there was nothing I was really to buy.

Small business Saturday was exciting. However, I started experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions just as we were about to head out for hte evening and participate in this promotion. I have these on and off, and htey have ben pretty inocuous, but this one knocked me off my feet! Luckily it passed quickly. Thank goodness for my labor ball. When I sit on that giant bouncy thing my back pains really do get better. We were able to then head out and enjoy a nice dinner and some groceries on AMEX's tab. Special shout out to the stores that opened special so people could use this deal saturday night: Happy Home and the Kitchen Clique! You guys made my night.

Cyber Monday has been similarly lazy for me. I see many of these deals and feel I can actually get ones at other times. The real best time to go shopping? In my opinion, it's December 26th. When the holiday shopping bonanza is over and retailers need to move seasonal/overstocked merchandise fast. Until then I will happily sit on my exercise ball, watching everyone else go crazy.

AMEX Gift Chain

American Express is offering its cardholders another great promo! Starting today get a free gift when they spend $25 or more at a participating online store. Eligible online stores include Toys "R" Us, Walmart, Zappos, GameStop, J.Crew, Neiman Marcus, and more. Limit one registration per customer.

The gifts are varied and selected randomly but include a $500 American Express gift card to Lenovo, shareable $500 American Express gift cards for you and up to three Facebook friends, $200 American Express eGift Card, 1-year ShopRunner membership, Starbucks gift cards and more.  You must be an American Express cardmember prior to November 27, 2011 to participate. Click here to register and for more details. Deal ends December 21.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Free Kindle Books!

Another great slew of books free for download o your Kindle. Get them now before the special promos end.

For the Family: Trips, Cooking, Crafting
5 of the USA's Best Trips from the people at Lonely Planet
The Everything Potluck Cookbook (Everything Series)
A Parchment Paper Thanksgiving: A Holiday Sampler Menu from the Parchment Paper Cookbook

Salads for Every Season: 25 Salads from Earthbound Farm: A Workman Short
How to Sew: Basics

For the Writer's Out There:
Get Published
Write That Book Already!: The Tough Love You Need To Get Published Now

Half Off at Mood Fabrics

Living Social has a deal where you pay $15 for $30 worth of merchandise at Mood fabrics. The selection of fabric and notions at this store is huge. In fact it's where they take the contestants to shop for Project Runway.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Childbirth Classes

Let me start off by saying that I am a fan of some sort of child birth education. It lets you prepare for labor, talk thing over and prepare with your husband, and generally become an educated mom. However I think you really need to find the option that works for you. So when people started asking me if I was taking Lamaze, because this is what they all took, I was not embarrassed to say no. Sure some looked at at me like I had three heads and demanded reasons and justifications but I held my ground. I asked them how they enjoyed their class. Most said they didn't really enjoy it, they found some if it weird, they would have preferred a more private setting or they went because it was the thing to do and all their friends went. I then asked them if they would do it again and most looked uncertain. How much more reason do I need not to do something? Why push me to go, when you did not exactly love your experience?

Lamaze can work incredibly well for some women but it is not the end all and be all of childbirth education. I strongly believe in doing what works for you and not just doing "the thing to do" because everyone is doing it. Here were my reasons against a traditional child brith/lamaze birth class:

1) I was not comfortable in a large group setting. I find that there is always someone who judges everyone else for not doing things her way - even if she has never had a baby before. The instructor is generally powerless to stop her.  I was not about to be guilted by some random woman in a class about why I am going back to work or why I want to pump and feed breastmilk. I also don't like doing exercises for breathing and pushing techniques in a group, and neither does  my husband. We waned to do this together, but not with 10 other people. Others love being in a group and are incredibly social. That is just not me.

2) They are really expenssive around here. I was not going to pay hundreds to learn something women have been doing naturally for ages.

3) They don't fit into my schedule. A daytime class is out of the question when you work and evening clases would have been hard for both of us to make consistently, plus we'd be exhausted.

I waned to go at my own pace, in the privacy of my own home and not spend a fortune. I found the  best option for me was actually a child brith video. When I asked around the most popular video by far was Laugh and Learn. Since I had started the search early, I was able to join the "hold" list for a copy from my library and wait a month for it to arrive. But even if you have to purchase it in order to see it on time, it's very affordable at $33.49 and has everything from labor to medication options. People were much more positive about it than lamaze.

I liked the video. I liked being able to go at my own pace. I liked that I could pause it and talk things over with my husband when desired. I also liked that even when I did not agree with some of the statements made by instructor (for instance she is extremely pro natural childbirth and I want the option of an epidural, I want to donate cord blood and she was pushing private banking) I was able to pause, do some research, think it over with my husband and reach a conclusion. It was very cmprehensive and worth it.

There are als some later videos for childcare and nursing in the series.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free Cookbooks!

Thanksgiving is a time to list what you are thankful for. Every year I am thankful for the glut of free cookbook downloads put out in honor of the holiday. I have a collection of the Martha Stewart cookbooks, one for the past three years, and they are always visually stunning. Get ready for pie!

Mr. Foods 25 Scrumptious Pies and Desserts
Mr. Foods Ultimate Thanksgiving Cookbook
Fave Diets 13 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes
Recipe Lion Thanksgiving Recipes and Craft Projects
Martha Stewart Thanksgiving 2011

50% off Lock & Lock Containers

One of my most looked at deals was the Lock & Lock food storage set I once posted. Many a reader has sighed over how they could have used those containers to take lunch to work, send with kids to school etc. but did not move fast to obtain them. Well, sometimes we get second chances in life. Lock & Lock is no having a site wide 50% off sale. Simply use the code "PREBLK2011" at checkout. Shipping starts at $3.99.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TV Deals

This time of year various TV deals crop up. I prefer the ones that do not require you to run to a store at 4 a.m. on Black Friday. (Not that I am currently on the market for a TV, but I know lots of people are)  Here are Amazon's best so far.

Today only the Sharp 32" 720p Widescreen LCD HDTV is $249.99 with free shipping.
My personal favorite, the LG 42" 1080p, 120 Hz LCD HDTV is $584.99 with free shipping

Free Giftcards

Several retailers are offering promotions to get free gift cards over the holiday season when you make a qualifying purchase. Here's a round up of them all. Remember, some require that your register in advance and registration is free. You might as well register in case you make a qualifying purchase.

1. Mastercard is offering a $20 Mastercard gift card for anyone who spend $200 or more online withheir Mastercard. You need to register your Mastercard here.

2. Amazon is giving a $100 Amazon gift card to anyone that purchases a hotspot-ready smartphone.

3. Barnes and Noble: is giving a $10 gift card when you spend $100 or more on gift cards.

4. Dell Home: Gives a $75 Dell Gift Card when you spend $400 or more

5. Toys "R" Us: Print this coupon and get a $10 Toys "R" Us gift certificate when you spend $75 in store

6. L.L. Bean: Spend $50 or more and get a $10 L.L. Bean Gift Card

7. The Children's Place: Buy $40 or more in gift cards and get a $10 Childrens place Gift card

Sears 50% off Shoes

Sears is cutting 50% off select shoes. The discount appears once the items are added to your cart. Shipping starts at $4.99 but you can ship to the store and pick-up there for free. Brands available include New Balance, Timberland and Reebok.

50% Off Banana Republic!

Today, 11/16, only you can get 50% off 5 items in store at Banana Republic. Simply print this coupon and bring it in with you.

Great Deal on Kids Coats!

Macy's has kids puffer and bubble jackets on sale for $15.99. These coats typically retail for $80+. Shipping starts at $8 but is free for orders of $99 or more. Time to stock up for winter. If your order will be $75 or more use coupon code "XJW562A992" to get $10 off!

Lands End 40% Off Coupon

Lands' End will take 40% off one item when you use the code "FROST" and PIN "9471". This will work on sale items as well. Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more, otherwise it starts at $5.95.

Dollar Days holiday deals

Dollar Days Wholesale Products
Dollar Days has several holiday deals going on.

6$ off any order using code C6J2WPS good through December 31st

Take $25 off Orders Over $250 or $50 off Orders Over $500 at

10$ Gift Card to Amazon for Referring Friends to Stumble Upon

StumbleUpon is offering  $10 Amazon gift card for every five friends that your refer. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer and all they have to do is sign up. Click here to sign up and start referring.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

$20 Off Nordtrom rack Purchase

I love Nordstrom Rack and it appears that HauteLook is sending out a coupon to its members for $20 off any items with no minimum purchase. These are individualized codes so you need to get your own. Sign up for HatueLook to get yours.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Cardstore Code - Free Stamps!

Cardstore is doing it again! You can get 60-70% off custom cards on Sunday November 6th by using the code "CSSAVE702". This includes free stamps when you select that option at checkout. This often means the price of the custom card + a stamp is cheaper than buying a plain old stamp at the post office. It is a huge deal. Some people are ordering just to stock up on pre-printed stamped envelopes.

They will ask for a recipient address in order to provide proper postage. You cannot get the free stamp without this. However the loophole is that it will allow you to enter "_______" in the address fields. I put in the state, NY, and put all the other fields as underscore lines and had no problem.

Friday, November 4, 2011

100 Free Business Cards

For anyone starting up a freelance business, this is for you. You can get 100 free business cards to start yourself off! Or you can use these cards for other purposes, like connecting with fellow moms and scheduling play dates and the like. Simply go to the website, design your card, and enter code "100FREE" for one sided business cards or code "100FREE2" for double sided cards. Shipping will be the only cost you pay and it is $4.00.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Register for Small Business Saturday

I posted a while ago about Small business Saturday where AMEX lets you register your card in advance to participate. Basically you go on the designated day - November 26 this year - spend $25 or more at a small business using your pre-registered AMEX and they will credit the $25 back to your card automatically. This is free money. I will be going Saturday nigth to my local grocery store - it's not a chain so it counts as a small business.

The link for registration is now live. Just click here.

Amazon Launches Library for Kindle!

This news has me jumping out of my seat in joy. I have always wished I could use my kindle to take out ebooks from the library. Now Amazon has announced the launch of its very own lending library for the kindle. This feature is available to all Amazon Prime members. Thousands of titles will be available, many of them Amazon best sellers. To start downloading books just click here.

You will need an actual Kindle to participate, as reading software will not work. If you don't have a kindle don't worry. Amazon has recently released its most affordable version - a $79 kindle. Plus the new kindle fire (pricier but cooler) has color and many e-tablet functions!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Avoiding Dinnertime Frazzle

Lately, my most stressful time has been dinner. I get home from work slightly sluggish and tired. I am in mood to think about cooking dinner. My husband gets home even later on most nights. However, after we rest up and begin to think about cooking we're starving. And pregnant women (and their husbands) can get pretty cranky when they are starving.

This usually results in us eating expenssive processed food. To make matters worse this sort of food does not result in leftovers for lunch the next day. This ensures that either we spend a fortune buying lunch or we arrive home even more starving feeding the next night into the vicious cycle. To avoid this I used to create a menu plan at the beginning of the week so that dinner could be made by either of us on autopilot. With all the travelling back and forth to family we have been doing for events and holidays we sort of fell of the wagon in terms of house maintenance and meal planning. Our schedules were always up int he air and we barely felt like we lived in our own home. Things are still going full swing in terms of family events but now that the holdays are over we can at last begin to get back to some semblence of a normal schedule. So this week I happily usherred in a meal plan. And I prepped much of the dinners last night so that they are ready to go.

Here's what we are having:
Monday: mushroom barley soup and greek salad
Tuesday: Baked ziti and cut vegetables
Wednesday: Baked potatoes stuffed with spinach and cheese
Thursday: Chicken stir fry

Last night the soup and salad were made. This ensures there is leftover soup for supplementing other meals and snacking. I also made the baked ziti in advance while I was making the soup (those downtimes when you are simmering or sauteing really are enough time to make another dish) so that's ready to pop into the oven tonight. I also baked the potatoes. All I need to do is sautee the spinach and potato toppings and heat. The chicken and vegetables for stir fry are prepped in individual packets in my freezer and just need a defrost before they head into the pan for seasoning. That never takes more than half an hour. Firday night and Saturady cooking I generally like to plan and cook and on Thursday since various parameters change - guests, other events - over the course of the week.

Tonight we will likely whip up a batch of yogurt for lunch purposes. 

I feel accomplished, full and much healthier than I did last week. Plus I have lunch today. Now that's progress.