Helpful Links

Below are several links I have found to be very helpful. Please feel free to recommend new links or tell me about your experiences on some of these webpages!

Work at Home Mom Links:
Great Ways to Earn Money from Home - This is my personal account of various WAHM jobs I have tried. - This site has some job postings and interesting articles but the main reason I like it are the forums. Many women share great WAHM tips they have learned.

Surveryhead -  Let's you earn money for taking surveys. However there is a "threshold" you must reach to get a payout. last time I checked it was 20$.

Swagbucks -  Swagbucks allows you to earn points and make money for everyday tasks like web searching.

Deal Websites:
Slickdeals - This is one of the best deal websites out there. The forums are very active. however, you need
to act fast on deals as there are often limited supplies and thousands of slickdeals users and readers. There is also a freebie section.

FlyerTalk - Want to get the most out of your airline miles? Flyertalk is full of people who have devoted their lives to that very issue. They can tell you how to earn those few extra miles you need, which credit card has the best mileage rate etc.

Mastercard Marketplace - If you have a marketplace you can benefit from many of the deals available on Mastercard Marketplace including retail discounts and overwhelming offers that feature deep price cuts.

AMEX Daily Wish - If you have an American Express card you can use this website to snag great deals. ONe deal a day is available. Deals have ranged from discounts on treadmills to half off vis gift cards.

Free Things:
Bookmooch- Bookmoch allows you to trade in books you don't want for ones that you do. You list all your unwanted books and every time someone claims one and you ship it to them you get a point. You can then use your points to claim books from others who will ship to you.

Paperback Swap - The concept here is very similar to Bookmooch, but only paperback books are traded. I find it a little too hectic for me, but others really like it. Some books move faster on this site than on Bookmooch.

Inkmesh - Lists all free books currently available for e-Readers.

EReaderIQ - Lists free books available for your kindle.

Freecycle - Freecycle is a group dedicated to eliminating waste and landfill usage. Members post things they would like to give away or receive. You can get rid of lots of your junk and you can receive lots of stuff you need that someone else considers junk. It's completely free and really good for the planet.

Money Blogs:

Penniless Parenting - A blog on extreme frugality by an Israeli woman. Some of the extreme tips are not going to work for U.S., city living people with decent jobs. However it is still fun to read and several of the tips ARE usable.