Monday, May 21, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I am often shocked by how well the tenets of the recyclinng movement match up so well with money saving tips. There is always a fine balance between convenience and expense. By spending a little more time one can re-use many items or reduce the need for them altogether. Is it worth that effort though? Only you can answer that question. One thing to keep in mind: If you say your time is worth more, then you actually have to use your time in a worthwhile manner! (How's that for motivational speaking?)

Some Examples:
A prime example of reduction is the fact that I rarely use paper goods. I prefer to wash dishes. No, I do not have a dishwasher and I do not have cleaning help. It is better for the planet and our wallets to use reduce the use of paper goods. We got a giant thing of Costco plasticware and plates when we were married three years ago. It is still in my closet. The only real depletion of my plasticware happens when 1) a neighbour comes over to borrow some  2) on Passover since I do not have space for Passover dishes (although we sometimes rewash the plastiware and make it last all Passover because it feels so wasteful). We even have a set of melamine plates for outdoor picnics.

Not everything in life is reusable, or worth the effort of reusing. I know I could not handle cloth diapering, but I respect those that do. I also crunched the numbers and realized I would not save much money, so the benefit would be entirely environmental. To run a load of laundry in my building costs $1 and to run the dryer is another $1. I found disposable diapers for 5 cents a pop. Plus I duobt I'd have enough time to wash them on my own. I'd end up shelling out $30+ a week for a service.  On the other hand these adorable breast shields are reusable and can go in with your regular wash.


To me, this is about finding creative new uses for items after they are used. I am a big fan of storing grains from the bulk food section in washed out jam jars. It's simple and allows me to buy my grain at the bulk section without worrying it will spoil and air tight kitchen containers or tupperware can be pricey! Finding new ways to recycle leftovers is also a good practice - saves on waste and groceries!

How do you reduce/reuse/recycle?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

JJ Cole Arctic Bundle Me Sassy for $36

Amazon has the JJ Cole Arctic Bundle Me Sassy for a great price. It is $36.04 with free super saver shipping. Usually it costs $99.95. Buy now or regret it next winter...

35% Off at H & M

Use this printable coupon to get 35% off One item at H&M! This is a great deal for a retailer that usually has good prices anyway. Good until May 27, one per customer.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Graco Lauren Crib + Mattress for $150

Walmart has the Graco Lauren crib with a Bonus mattress (the Lajobi Gentle Embrace) for $150 right now. Select in store to avoid shipping and get this price. The mattress is not the greatest, however you can return the mattress to get $38 back if you don't like it. This is a great deal for a popular crib.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Free 16 x 20 Wall Portrait at Sears

Sears is offering a free 16 x 20 inch wall portrait with this coupon. You will not even have to pay the session sitting fee. This coupon is good until May 15th.

Free 8 by 10 Photo at Walgreens!

Walgreens is offering a free 8x10 Print when you enter the code FREE4ME at checkout. Select free in store [ickup so that you don't have to pay shipping. This code is valid until May 12!

Free Donut on June 1st

June 1st is national donut day and dunkin donuts will be giving away a free donut with any beverage purchase. Mark your calendars!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Free Ice Cream

Today, May 8th, is free cone day at Haagen Dazs! This freebie is available today from 4-8 in participating stores.

Increasing Milk Production

When Little One was born my milk came in fast and furious. Engorgement is very common among breastfeeding women in the first few days post partum but I had an abnormally bad case. Little One had a tough time latching on. It was like eating from a bowling ball. Thankfully a La Leche League leader came to my rescue with a few techniques to help get the baby on. Since then the engorgement went down and I was blissfully producing such an oversupply of milk I signed up as a milk donor to give milk to preemie babies. I could not keep all the oversupply in my freezer. I knew this was a huge gift and was very grateful for it.

Now after two months back at work supply is slowing down a little. I still have enough to feed most babies, but my ravenous baby girl gulps 8 ounces in a shot - she eats almost 40 ounces a day. To ensure I can meet demand I began to look up ways to maintain and keep up my milk supply.

The first and simplest thing to do is to rest and drink a lot of fluid. All that milk is coming from your fluid supply, so keep it up! My new rule is that I do not pass a water source without drinking. Another helpful tip is to keep eating and relax as much as possible.

Since breast milk supply is related directly to demand and stimulation, it also helps to feed the baby often. Many women experience a dip in supply when the baby starts sleeping through the night and taking less daytime feedings. To combat this try to get in an extra feeding or pumping session. Pump after feedings to ensure the breast is fully emptied and save the milk for later use. The best stimulaion comes from the baby itself eating at the breast so try and do as many of the feedings yourself as possible. Arrange baby's eating schedule to coincide with times you are home.

If that still does not help, you can try certain items known as galactogogues that increase milk supply. The safest of these are tiems you normally eat anyway such as whole grains, oatmeal, quinoa and alfalfa. There are also herbs such as fenugreek, blessed thistle and red leaf tea that are known to increase milk supply. However, they have never been studied for passage into the breastmilk or side effects so it is best to keep these as a last resort and use with caution.

For me, I think the answer is going to be starting Little One on solids soon. Solids do not provide nearly as much nutrition as breastmilk and they do not replae it within the first year of life. However, when the baby is getting enough nutrients and drinking the max amount of breastmilk advisable a day and still wants to eat this is often the answer. They're not in it for the calories. They are trying to have fun. She looks at her father and I when we eat and starts making little open mouth faces. She swats at our food. She's not hungry. She's jsut eaten. However, she wants to be like the big people. That's my Little One, always a little ahead of herself!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Children's Place Sale with Free Shipping

The Children's Place always has a good clearance section. Today you can also use codes "W2H2012 or E4H2012" to get 15% off. What makes this a good deal is the fact that shipping is free. Get in your orders while that lasts, because it rarely does.