Friday, July 22, 2011

Borders Liquidation: Not Such a Great Deal

Last night the Borders CEO released an email to all Borders customers saying Borders stores are sad to be closing but liquidation deals are going on now in store. Borders gift cards will be honored and markdowns up to 40% will appear on shelves.

Before you run out of the house to the nearest Borders let me caution you that this is not a great deal. Borders routinely offered coupons for 50% off any item. This was gong on even a week ago. So 40% off is not great. According to a Deal News article this happens because Liquidation sales are run by outside parties that have bought up the remaining merchandise. If you wait patiently, you may see prices get slashed to 80 or 90% off. This tends to happen 6-8 weeks into liquidation.

Moral: Good things come to those who wait


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