Why I Have Advertisments

I would like to include a word on why you see ads on this blog. To make sure you can access this explanation easily, at all times, I am making it a permanent page. I care about my readers and want them to completely understand why I have ads and what these ads mean. Nothing is more important to me than my readers, you are the reason I started this blog.

So why do I bother with ads? Because it helps me keep writing. Plain and simple: this blog takes time. It takes more than just the time I take to type. It's the reasearch, the graphics, the searching. The many deals and websites I try out to ensure they are good before deciding if I pass them on to you. All of this is time I could be spending on other things - including my freelance jobs that bring in income. So I had to monetize the blog in some way. And I am not going to feel guilty about it, because what I do does has value.

The second reason is that I would like to eventually be able to put some money into this blog - purchase a domain name, get a web designer to spruce things up, maybe even go to a blogging conference. I cannot do this if the blog does not generate any revenue.

What I am going to do, is to be transparent about it.

There are two ways I have monetizzed this blog:

1) Ads: You see those ads from adsense on the sidebar? If you click one I get paid a few cents. I do not control the content on those ads. The company running the ads does. Usually the ads are generated based on information advertising companies have about you from your recent web searches - so the ads you see are targeted to you and you will not see the same ads as anyone else. If you get something obscene or offensive popping up in there, please let me know! I can usually contact the provider and have that add banned from this website.

2) Affiliate Links: Some of the links I post may earn me a comission if you click the link and buy a product. Others will not. If a vendor whose product or service I like and plan to feature has an affiliate program, I will sign up. In this way I can get a commission for helping them connect with an appropriate audience. The key here is that I WILL NOT FEATURE PRODUCTS I DO NOT THINK ARE WORTH IT JUST TO GET COMISSION. Nor will I limit myself to products that are associated with programs that will give me comission. A good deal is a good deal and the majority of links I post will not give me a comission. I am featuring them anyway. In essence I am not changing the content or quality of posts in any way, I am just getting paid for my work. I will not post things that I would not use myself or for my family. If there are cheaper, free alternatives I will tell you about them even though it will cost me money. Because that is what this blog is about - finding the better deal and keeping us all within our budgets.

If you have any questions, or if you want to know if I get a omission for any particular product go ahead and ask. I am very open to answering.


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