Thursday, August 25, 2011

Revnue Review

This week has been such a whirlind I almost forgot to post an update on my new revenue earning measures. Last week I decided to focus more energy on writing at least one article a day (or six per week) and that really paid off! However, this week my energy level has not allowed me to do this and I am now making a big push to try and make up for missed days. I have also rethought some strategies.

Here's last weeks earnings:

Demand Media - $ 140 (I really got out a lot of articles, and many more were in the que so they will spill over into this weeks revenue) One thing about Demand, while the pay may not be great, it sure is fast!

Private Client - $82 (This is actually pay from the last couple of months, but I never count something until it shows up)

Not bad for a tired, pregnant, graduate student who is doing this as supplemental income. But I have though about revamping things a little. I am going to focus a little more on the private clients, because while they do take more effort to find they also pay more and often come back. I am also thinking about changing my daily tasks to include creation of some form of passive income - like a squidoo lens or a chapter in my book. While this will not produce revenue for some time it has the potential to be a great source of passive income. This week has really been about mulling over those options more than anything else. Next week is time to get back into the swing of this and try out that new strategy.


seeker said...

Sorry if this is something you've explained before, but I'm a new reader here...

What is it that you do for private clients, and how do you find them? I have a number of services I could do for private clients but I just don't know how to get them to me and get them to pay. I have friends or relatives eager for free samples but I'm just positive I'm worth more than that...

I'm also wondering how you manage to churn out all this while being a tired, pregnant graduate student! I feel like there's so much writing/blogging I could do but my productivity is a little too slow. I'm sure I could swing it if I only had a little guidance on how to streamline my work. (get the good ideas out of the shower and onto the screen, perhaps?)

Harleth said...

Hi Seeker,

My pivate clients are mostly for writing jobs. I write magazine articles, letters and resumes. It is honestly not easy to find private clients. I have made some posts about where to find them (freelance resources) but will probably make another soon about online resources. Some I got through being aggressive - if there was a publication I wanted to work with, I sent them a query. Others through usual channels like craigslist. They all always want to see samples and a well written proposal.

For you - I would agree thst giving out for free is not the best way to start, as once you give one thing for free everyone think are a "special friend and family" member who deserves free work and pretty soon you end up with a pile of work and zero pay. It is good to feel like your service has value. You just need to decide how much to charge and what your target market is. What are your talents? Perhaps email me and I can feature a route for getting started freelancing in your area in the 'reader response' posts that I do.

In terms of getting this blog up - Well, i take ny rare free moments in front of a computer and work on it. It gets easier as ou go because you develop a streamlined way of researching. I also found I was learning a ot so this has real value to me. The best way to get things going is to just sit down and write it. Worry about perfecting and atracting readers later. I tell you this as I tell it to myself because I really want to get started on my book project but need to just sit down and do it!

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