Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Money Earner:

I joined a month ago after reading about in "Woman's Day" magazine. It seemed like a really cute website. I never thought I'd make any money from it. I was wrong.

The concept behind fiverr is simple, you post a task you are willing to do for five dollars. Others can then purchase this task. If you have something you'd like done you can post a request and see if someone is willing to do it. The tasks run from the mundane "I will SEO optimize your website" to the creative "I will draw a cartton about your pet" to the bizarre "I will shave my beard if you pay me five dollars".

I logged on and created an account. Then I posted a couple of jobs for fun. One of them got an order almost immediately. My job "I will write your letters" produced a response right away. I wrote the letter (a romantic one for someone's girlfriend) and then forgot about Fiverr. A couple of weeks later I got another order for a recommendation letter. Since then I have gotten two more recommendation letters and a corporate letter. I'm good at letter writing so these generally take me twenty minutes max. My performance feedback has been very good, making me feel good about myself.

The catch is that you don't get five dollars. The website takes one of the dollars immediately as commission so you start off with four dollars. Then paypal typically takes a small fee. So you end up with about 3.75 $ per job. Your money is held in escrow as soon as someone orders a job and is released to you two weeks after you complete the job. So I am not getting rich. But I am having a good time and bringing in a little extra cash.


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