Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finding Money when I need it

This month my biggest most surprising variable expense is dental bills. For various reasons (including lack of dental insurance) I haven't been to the dentist for a long time. I went for a cleaning/checkup now that I have some form of dental plan and was informed I need about 750$ worth of cavity filling.

If you work it out - that's only about 70$ per year I did not go to the dentist, so it's not like it is outrageous but I've got to find that money somewhere. In addition if I earn the money I've got to put some away for the inevitable taxes - so I;ve decided I'd like to bring in 900$ of extra income. I have a few months to do this since the cavities are going to be filled over several appointments, the first of which is next week.

So far I've got 232 in the bank and 7$ pending.

212 from Demand studios articles (I've got several more claimed and will try and write them soon)
20 from my various squidoo lenses
7$ pending from my fiverr jobs. 3.50 will clear and arrive in the bank in four days. The other 3.50 will take two more weeks.

For more on my "side jobs" check out my web page "Great ways to Earn Money from Home"


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