Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dress Shopping on a Budget

There are some very exciting events coming up in my family. However, these events are going to require an update my wardrobe. My husband's family has some pretty flashy/pricey dressers and I don't want to look under dressed. I also don't want to spend a fortune on dresses I can never wear again. So I focused my search on dresses that were moderately priced and somewhat modest, so that they can be worn again to events on my side of the family who are more modest dressers.

Here are my top two finds:

The teal dress usually retails for $80. However I found it on sale at Sears for $50. Combined with the Sears gift card that I purchased for half the sticker price, this dress cost me $25. I actually got it on a lovely deep purple color, to match a pair of shoes I have.

The second dress was $40 at Fox's in Miami. I have found Fox's often has great dresses for a steal. This dress fits me like a glove and looks gorgeous.


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