Sunday, January 9, 2011

Money Earner: Swagbucks

You may have noticed the "swidget" on the side of my blog stating how many unredeemed swagbucks I have. Swagbucks is an online rewards site that lets you rack up points for things you normally do on the internet, like searching or taking a survey.

I do not change my habits to earn points. I merely use their search engine every so often instead of google. I also type in reward codes when they are sent to me by email. Just by doing this I have been able to earn quite a few swagbucks and cash them in for rewards. My personal favorite reward is the amazon gift card. Amazon carries everything from diapers to kindles so the gift card can be used to get every day items, thus freeing up other money in your budget. Other merchant gift cards are also available as rewards.

This opportunity is used to its fullest by those living in the U.S. however non U.S. citizens may also be able to use some of the Swagbucks features. To learn more, click the swidget.


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