Sunday, January 2, 2011

Deal Alert: Omega Factor 3, 60 softgels FREE

I'd like to start out this post by saying that I love Walgreens. For a city dweller like myself it is a real pleasure to shop at a national chain drugstore. City drugstores usually have jacked up city prices. Walgreens runs a national circular so I can actually get good prices.

This week a bottle of Omega Factor 3 softgels containing 60 tablets is on sale from 27$ to 10$. In addition when you buy the softgels you get a 10$ register rewards certificate from Walgreens, effectively making them free. There's a limit of one bottle per customer. However, you can return multiple times during the week. I have gotten just about every daily supplement or vitamin that my household uses for free by waiting for these deals to come around.

Register rewards certificates can be used at any Walgreens. You have to use them within a couple weeks of the issue date. This works fine for me as I usually buy my milk and eggs at Walgreens. If you don't like the idea of returning with your rewards at another time you can ask the people at the register to ring up the vitamins as a separate order and then apply the rewards to the second order.


Dena Gottlieb said...

Buyiing cheap Omega 3 is a very big mistake. You will not be getting a quality product. As it is, the oceans are badly polluted with dioxins, mercury and PCB's. It is just about impossible to remove these things. Do yourself a favor and DON'T buy cheap Omega 3. This is your health you're talking about.
Dena Gottlieb

Harleth said...

I agree with you Dena. One should never purchase an inferior health product just because it is cheap. However, in this case the product is actually very expensive and high quality Omega 3. It just happens to be on sale at this moment. I always wait until my preferred supplements go on sale and then I buy them in bulk.

Also, keep in mind that price is not reflective of quality in all cases. It is important to research each product and look at the labels. Often you are paying more for a name brand when the generic is processed in the exact same way and contains the exact same ingredients.

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