Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Budget Musings: eReaders

I recently got a kindle as a gift. It's a luxury item that I would probably never buy for myself, especially since I am Sabbath observant and can't use it on my main reading day. But I find it is really wonderful for travelling and for commuters.

They key to getting the most out of your eReader is to make sure you do not suddenly start spending more on books than you used to. I was always a big library/free book user and thus I try to continue this with my kindle usage. Amazon has a category called "free ebook collection" with thousands of classics for free. There are also special releases that the manuacturer has decided to put up for free for a limited time (see my post on free Kaplan review books).

Another great resrouce for finding free ebooks are the many websites that are devoted to this very topic. Some of the best are:

Always double check the price before downloaded as it has been known to change quickly in some cases. Happy reading!


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