Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What I Got Free in the Mail This Week

I am sure you wonder how many of the free offers that I post are actually worth it. Are they really honest to goodness free? Are there catches? Are they just a scam for someone to spam you?

All are very legitimate questions. It takes some searching diligence and practice to be able to tell the real deals from the spammers and the fakes. I'll share of my hard earned experience and tips on finding the right freebies with you in future posts. For now, let me just tell you what I got for zero dollars in the mail this week:

3 small boxes of quaker toasted oat squares

Israel for Beginners: A Field Guide for Encountering the Israelis in Their Natural Habitat This comes just in time for the trip to Israel I am planning. It is from library thing's early bird reviewers program. Usually retails for around $13.

Two pencil skirts and a pair of underwear from American Apparel

My first free issue of Parents magazine

Some of these deals may sound familiar to you. That's because I posted them here!

This was a particularly fruitful week for mail in freebies to arrive, but still there are always plenty of freebies, both mail in and otherwise out there for grabs if you know where to find them. The key is to have patience. The Israel book was awarded to me by early reviewers in January. It took this long to get here. 3 months is a long time to wait, but I paid nothing for this book, was not going to otherwise purchase it, and had no dire need of it. So I promptly forgot about it until it showed up. Like so many other freebies, it made opening the mailbox just that much more exciting.


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