Friday, April 22, 2011

Holiday Sales: My Passover Goodies

One of the best ways to get groceries and other household items on sale is to shop post holiday sales. Stores take in a lot of inventory that they usually do not carry for the holiday. They then proceed to price gauge customers on these items until the festivities are over. Then suddenly the prices drop as the store needs to unload the excess merchandise and clear shelf space for the next round of seasonal items.

Passover technically lasts for an entire week. Yet many traditional Jews only celebrate the first seder. In Manhattan, stores like food imporium take in a nice supply of Passover kosher items to supply demand for the first two seders and then proceed to drop the price to next to nothing on the third day of Passover. In some cases these items are things I use year round, yet because the store took them in for Passover they suddenly go on sale. Not only do I get items I usually cannot find around here, I get them for a song. If you have some time and are in Mnhattan today, stop by your local grocery store to check out the slashed prices. Remember, even though Food Emporium is a cahin, different stores often have different items, so hit up a few stores!

Here's my loot:
In case the photo is too crowded (it's a lot of stuff!) here's what I got:
2 26 oz jars of marinara sauce (I use this all the time for homemade pizza)
2 packs of mini marshmallows (Use these for baking)
1 pack of toasted marsmallows (snack for rest of Passover)
1 large jar grape jelly
1 can mediteranean pickles
120 oz vanilla syrup (flavor for my homemade yogurt and kefir)
1 pack of jelly rings
2 12 oz balsamic vinegars
1 12 oz white cooking wine
1 12 oz cooking sherry
2 8 oz potato pancake mix (usually I make this fresh, but it was so cheap, t was cheaper than buying the eggs and potatoes)
1 16 oz matzah meal (for making matzah balls)
1 7 oz hard candy

All for around $10. What a steal!


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