Friday, April 29, 2011

The Freebie Code

My freebie code is a collection of strategies and rules to maximize your freebie enjoyment while minimizing the annoyances that sometimes come along with freebies. Learning from my mistakes and adopting the code now will save you a lot of hassle (unless of course, you enjoy spam emails...).

Rule One: Never, ever give out your social secuirty number or personal information. This is the rule that should never be broken. That free ipad is not worth having your identity stolen. If a freebie looks too good to be true and starts asking you for your banking information and mothers maiden name...listen to your gut and remember rule number one. Personal information is personal for a reason. The only people who need your social security number are the IRS, your employer and your bank and credit card issues. No exceptions.

Rule Two: Set up a separate freebie email account. Freebies usually ask for an email address and some proceed to spam the heck out of it. Even non-spammers will send you quite a few emails about special offers and sign you up for their newsletter. Some of these emails are useful, they have special coupons, future freebie info etc. But you don't want them clogging your regular or work email account. Create a separate email for freebie use. If you use gmail, you can forward this account to gmail and set it to filter into a separate folder that you check every now and then.

Rule Three: Be Decisive. Frebies and price cuts are often available in limited quantities only. If you take an hour to debate over whether or not you want an item you will likely lose your chance to get it.

Rule Four: Be Courteous. Never clear a shelf at a store. If there are many items when you come in, leave some for the rest of shoppers. If there are only a few left then go ahead and take them. This is just common courtesy. Don't be greedy. Share your deals with others after you've locked in your item. It won't hurt you and it will certainly help them.

Rule Five: Don't Be a Snob. Some people seem to think that the more they have to pay for something the better it is. Not true. Don't look down on things because they are free. Don't look down on others because they paid for something you got for free. Keep your eyes on your own wallet and habits and off of other people's bank accounts. Remember that you never really know what is going on behind someone else's closed doors. If you stop looking at what others have and how they spend you will become a happier person.

Rule Six: Look at Check Boxes Before You Hit Submit. Some companies automatically check boxes for you and you have to un-check them. Often these boxes are hiding in smaller fonts than the rest of the text. After a week of unending text messages from a service that shall not be named, I learned the value of looking at every single check box.


Mushky said...

Thanks for the tip about looking at checked boxes before clicking submit. It is good to be aware of the fine print.

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