Sunday, February 12, 2012

Boppy Pillow - $20.99 at Amazon

The Boppy Bare Naked Pillow is beloved by many breastfeeding moms as a way to make nursing easier. The pillow wraps around the waist and supports baby. Moms who have had c-sections also find the pillow eases pressure on the abdominal wound during nursing by supporting the baby. Even the hospital lactation consultant was discussing the boppy and its uses during her classes. Personally, I actually like the boppy for tummy time and don't use it for nursing. Amazon has it for a good price right now and since it's a baby item it qualifies for free returns for a year. If you will use it for nursing go for it. if you won't (like me) it's not worth it. Mine was a hand me down from my sister. Otherwise I would have forgone it since I am one of the few moms on the planet who doesn't use it for nursing.


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