Thursday, June 14, 2012

Diapers 10 cents or less each

Walgreens Premium Baby DiapersWalgreens currently has a buy one get one promotion going on their Walgreens brand diapers. The best deal, by far, is to go to the website and select free web pickup. Buy 4 packs of Walgreens brand diapers (they are buy one get one free this week). Then add 2 packs of wipes (also buy one get free this week). Your total should be $20.27. Now that you are over $20 you can use coupon code "SUNNYFIVE" to get $5 off your purchase. For size 2 diapers this will work out to 9 cents a diaper, for size 3 it works out to 10 cents a diaper.


big sis said...

but how good are the diapers? I find that the Huggies smell, the Luvs leak and the Pampers are the best of the big name brands. how do the Wagreens diapers stack up?

Harleth said...

I have found that this really depends on the baby. People kept raving to me about how Huggies keep in all the poop, even the explosive ones, for their babies. We tried them. Not only did I notice the same smell as you did (although it goes away if you open that pack and air the diapers a little) The poop was escaping right up and over the 'leak guard'.

The Pampers have a slight perfume smell and were pretty decent although now and again we'd still get poop leaks. I have never used Luvs.

Costco diapers were actually pretty good. No odor that I detected and kept everything except for the most explosive poops in. There was no line to indicate wet/dry though. We have lately been using Babie's R' Us baby blue diapers. These do not have the leak guard contraption or the wet/dry line. yet they have been doing a decent job. There is no odor to the diaper, they are cute looking and pretty strong. The Walgreens are similar. Good but not fantastic. To me this price makes it worth the one or two leaks.

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