Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When did it Become Weird to be Alone?

My husband is away for a few days on a work trip. No big deal, I thought. Just a few days. I can handle the baby. When last night rolled around I did indeed handle the situation. I fed the baby, did play time, dealt with fussy time, skyped her dad so they could see each other and did bed time. I even trimmed little ones nails, which can often be a two person job.

It was only after she was safe and sound, sleeping in her new fabulous miracle blanket that things got weird. It was just too darn quiet. I was used to the noise of two people. Then I got used to the noise of two people plus a baby. Now with the baby in her quiet sleep stage and just me around, there was suddenly this creepy quiet. I resisted the urge to turn on the TV but did feel the need to add the deadbolt to the usual lock. As I got into bed by myself with a book, instead of luxuriating in the rare luxury of time to read I wondered when quiet had started to seem weird. I could recall my single days, living alone, with hours of uninterupted quiet in the evenings. Especially before I even had a TV. What happened to that person?

I assume I will see her again one day, in thirty years from now. Until then, I'll revel in the noise.


Shaindy said...

Isn't the miracle blanket a true miracle? Best investment we made! I had the same dilemma when my husband was away on business, but just took the time to do things for myself. Quiet sometimes sounds really nice.

Harleth said...

A real miracle! She was starting to break out of the velcro swaddlers. It was worth every penny to be able to sleep the night.

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