Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby is here! Mommy is Exhausted

You may have noticed I have been gone for some time. That's because my long awaited bundle of joy has arrived. She is cute as a button and these two weeks have been wonderful...but exhausting.

I knew breast feeding can be tough, but I never realized how exhausting it could be. The feeding schedules of babies (every two hours, every three hours) make you feel like your body is no longer your own. Plus a lot of nutrients and such must go into the breast milk so you've got to eat and drink to keep up your stores and not be drained. Still it is such a beautiful and special thing. However new moms should be warned than it can be seriously tough, mentally and physically draining and they should not be ashamed or embarassed to ask for help. I was a total basket case until a La Leche League volunteer came and helped me out (engorgement in the extreme. not comfy).

126905_Enjoy Free 1-2 Day Shipping on Orders of $49+ at Diapers.comBabies also go through many, many diapers in this stage. And just as you open a diaper or get on a new one they shoot out some more poop or pee. Requiring a new diaper and sometimes a new outfit (for baby and mommy). So buying diapers in bulk is a good idea. Luckily is having a great deal now where you get $5 off every case of diaers you buy, free shipping on orders over $49 and $10 off your first order. At around 13 cents a diaper it works out very well. Ideally you want to be under  25 cent a diaper.

Nursing has been helping me take off the baby weight but my tummy is still kind of spongy. Mommy needs to get to the gym. Seriously.

Baby has also been doing well in all the great clothes she has been given by people, and mommy is now on the lookout for good baby bargains. Stay tuned!


seeker said...

You gave birth two weeks ago? Stop thinking about the gym. Seriously. It naturally takes some time for the tummy to shrink down and it is not even healthy to get exercising that fast. Try again in about a month if you're still worried.

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