Monday, November 28, 2011

Why I Sat Out Black Friday

I never go to Black Friday in store. I feel it is not worth risking my life by trampling or pepper spray. However I do sometimes go out when it the craziness has passed, or I'll check out the online deals. This year I got home from my sister in laws wedding at 2:30 am on Wednesday. I blissfully slept through most of Thursday and was happy to spend Friday relaxing with family. None of the deals looked that great to me (particularly on baby items) and there was nothing I was really to buy.

Small business Saturday was exciting. However, I started experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions just as we were about to head out for hte evening and participate in this promotion. I have these on and off, and htey have ben pretty inocuous, but this one knocked me off my feet! Luckily it passed quickly. Thank goodness for my labor ball. When I sit on that giant bouncy thing my back pains really do get better. We were able to then head out and enjoy a nice dinner and some groceries on AMEX's tab. Special shout out to the stores that opened special so people could use this deal saturday night: Happy Home and the Kitchen Clique! You guys made my night.

Cyber Monday has been similarly lazy for me. I see many of these deals and feel I can actually get ones at other times. The real best time to go shopping? In my opinion, it's December 26th. When the holiday shopping bonanza is over and retailers need to move seasonal/overstocked merchandise fast. Until then I will happily sit on my exercise ball, watching everyone else go crazy.


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